Habit of the Brain

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The power of our brain:

1) Our brain will do what it thinks we tell it to do. Be very specific in what you ask it to do to avoid confusion. Curiosity & imagination are irreplaceable.

2) Our brain loves pleasure and hates pain. Define your pleasure & define your pain; then redefine your pleasure & pain. Is your focus on the pleasure after running ten miles or on the pain while you are running ten miles?

3) Our brain loves routine. Familiarize your brain with wanted but unknown concepts & standards. Normalize your new standards and distance yourself from old routine and unhealthy standards. Our brain is like predictive text. It wants to predict the next move but only based on previous knowledge & experience.

4) Self-talk. We need to tell our brain what to think, what to like and what to do. The image we put into our brain and the language we use to talk to ourselves determines our mind set. hashtag#emotionalintelligence hashtag#eq hashtag#mindset

Written by Phillip Gorrill

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